How did we generate 5K leads in 60 days?

ZikZuk Business Information

ZikZuk is promoted by Raj N, a serial entrepreneur. His own experiences along with his learnings during his mentorship for budding entrepreneurs, made him realise the common challenges faced by SMEs founders in accessing affordable credit, lack of visibility on firm’s cash flows, etc.

ZikZuk’s vision is to create a sustainable & scalable financial ecosystem around SMEs to manage and grow their business. ZikZuk’s Neobanking platform not only provides flawless customer experience but also helps founders make data-driven business decisions.

Business Challenge

  • Generating valid leads - data pertaining to business owners, SMEs owners
  • Generating leads from business owners having a turnover greater than 50 Lacs per annum
  • Generating leads from business having a minimum of last 3 years’ GST documents or a minimum of last 5 years’ ITR documents

Business Objective

  • Increasing traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Brand recognition

Business Category

  • Payment Card Industry

Marketing Plan

Target Audience

Age: 29-50

Gender: All Gender
Interest: Business Owners, Founders, Chairman, CEO’s & Entrepreneurs
Location: India

  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Youtube)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads: Search, Display & Mobile)
  • Reputation Management


Step 1: Competitors Analysis
Step 2: Landing page design
Step 3: Codes integration
Step 4: Google Analytics setup
Step 5: Launch Campaigns
Step 6: Google Ads Campaigns(Search, Display, Remarketing, & Videos Ads)
Step 7: Social Media Campaigns(Engagement, Like Ads, Conversion Ads, Traffic Ads, Remarketing Ads, Lookalike Ads & Video Ads)
Step 8: Social Media Engaging Postings
Step 9: Online Reputation Management: Online reviews(Google & Social Media)
Step 10: Showcase


In 60 days:
  • Total leads generated: 5128
  • Marketing qualified leads are 93.5% from total leads
  • Sales qualified leads are 82.5% from total leads
  • Total traffic generated: 79,000


Total leads generated


Marketing qualified leads


Sales qualified leads


Total traffic generated

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