Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging today, is as important as the product, if not more. Customers have started reviewing the packaging of a product as well. If you log on YouTube and watch any review video or first-look video, you'll notice the stress on the packaging of the product as well. Packaging is not just about design. It's where design meets Science. In an over-crowded market, sometimes effective packaging can help us get the much-desired attention from a potential customer. We can have the best product, but lousy packaging could sometimes merge us with so many sub-standard brands that our product will get lost in the crowd. We don't look at packaging as a design job; it's a task that could sometimes make or break a brand. Hence, research and insights play a vital role. And every packaging design project we undertake is well-researched.

Package Design with consumers in mind.

We use consumer insights to design packaging that people prefer because pretty's not enough. Packaging or Package Designing is Science too. In today's times, it's not just essential to have a great product; it's also important to have equally good packaging that elevates your product. The right packaging will also help your product stand out from the clutter of thousands of other products at stores and malls.

Our Packaging Approach

Know what's inside

Knowing what is inside is the first step in Packaging Design. We understand the content behaviour first and then move towards the drawing table. It's part of our research-oriented genesis.

Known the consumer

Knowing the consumer of the product is the next step. It helps us determine factors like shape, size, functionality, material, etc., of the packaging. After all, the end goal is to delight the consumer. Isn't it?

Packaging Content

Once we are through with the first two stages, we move to the third one. We, then, decide on all necessary product information, brand guidelines, and mandatory statutory information to be carried on the pack.

Material Selection

Excellent Packaging Design is only as good as winning half the battle. The other half comprises the right materials. So, apart from recommending the size and shape of the packaging, we also recommend the materials to be used.