Reputation Management

Reputation Management

We are not only a company that integrates the best of Branding and digital marketing; we are a solution-oriented company. And we have helped quite a few brands substantially improve their online & offline reputation. And we don't just stop there. The idea is to continually monitor a brand's reputation across the digital ocean, and make sure it's intact. Of course, this needs some input from the client and their teams too. But when done effectively, it can iron out a lot of glaring issues that might be connected with one's brand. We work on creating solutions that help us manage the presence and the reputation of your brand online.

Building Strategy

Before we begin any Reputation Management project, our team connects with you to understand the exact issues. Then we work in the back-end to analyse and dissect the root cause for the said issues. Post which we work on creating a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

The following three broad steps are part of most of the Reputation Management strategies we create:

Fix unwanted Google results

Cleanse or suppress negative information connected to your brand on the Internet. The goal is to improve your brand's digital presence and hygiene substantially.

Build an impressive presence

As part of Reputation Management, we help you fix all your digital assets and build a clean & consistent digital presence across all channels.

Monitor Social / Brand Mentions

With the help of our internal and external tools, we track all the information, news, articles, etc., related to your brand, that would show up on the Internet from time to time.

New Solutions in the offing

Apart from the above, our teams are also consistently looking for new development, technologies, etc., in the digital space. Based on this, from time-to-time, we recommend new solutions to help you move ahead swiftly and beat your competition. Where necessary, we also work closely with you and your team to look for solutions in the offline space as well.

While we make all efforts to help you take charge of all the content that floats around online, and hurts your brand, it's imperative to understand that we work in sync with all the recommended digital guidelines only. We do not claim that we will be able to wipe off any unwanted information about you or your brand from the Internet. But yes, we will make all efforts, and help you with solutions to substantially improve your presence, and suppress most of the unwanted information about your brand.