Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The ads that we run on various search engines like Google & Bing, are called Search Engine Marketing Ads. As Google Partners, we work closely with dedicated teams at Google that help us generate the best results for our clients. One of the most effective ways for most brands to reach their target audience, and generate quality leads, is Search Engine Marketing. We run Google Ads for various clients. These ads include Search Ads, Display Banner Ads, Mobile Ads, Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads, App Download Ads and more. Depending on a brand and its business, we create a plan on what would work best for them.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Add Account Setup

A Pay Per Click campaign is run on Google Ads for various brands. We set up multiple campaigns & ad groups for your business. These campaigns are structured based on various keywords that your audience uses to look for products or services like yours. We decide monthly budgets and optimise the campaigns regularly for maximum return on investment, or as it's called Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Business Insights

No Google Ads campaign can be successful if the Digital Team doesn't have a proper understanding of the product or service they are selling on behalf of their client. Hence, we focus on gaining the right business insights before we begin work on any SEM strategy. We also connect with our client to understand their focus areas and pain-points to make sure the same is addressed in our Search Engine Marketing Strategy.

Targeted Ads

Knowing your target audience and building the right customer profile is the key to higher conversions. We study buyer persona and target people with the highest possibility to convert. Ads are flashed accordingly to stimulate their interest so that they act on the Call-To-Actions (CTAs) we provide.

Conversion Tracking

By tracking conversions, we help you quantify the efficacy of your ad campaign(s). The metrics tell you how well your ad campaign has been triggering leads, downloads, sales, email newsletter sign-ups, website purchases, and any other action. Tracking enables taking corrective action if a campaign is not yielding desired results.

Optimised Campaigns = Higher ROI

The job is still only half done after your ad campaign is set up. Your PPC campaign with multiple ad groups existing within it needs to be managed, tested, refined and improved for optimum results and better ROI. And this needs to be a regular and consistent effort. Your keywords, ad text, banners, ad strategy, etc., require tweaks if they are not performing suitably.