Internal Branding

Internal Branding

All the fantastic posters we see in stores add a sense of character to space. Isn't it? We take up internal branding projects to help brands maintain their language, positioning and tone where it matters the most – on the ground. From conceptualisation to the design of these unique posters, from the strategic placement to other recommendations, we don't leave any stone unturned. All this is a part of engaging with potential customers. From Valet Slips to ID cards of employees, from the packaging of the cookies served in-store to brochures, every single element needs to speak the same language, arise the same emotions. That's how we build a brand with a lasting impression.

A strong Internal Branding is critical for not only uplifting your brand's image but also grabbing your consumer's attention and convincing them to take positive purchase decisions. In fact, it goes a step behind in engaging with your internal customers, read; your teams, as well.

As a leading branding agency, we offer uplifting & engaging internal branding for retail stores & corporate offices. We leverage modern designing tools to create unique designs on the interior walls of malls, offices, shopping centres and other retail entities.

At What's In a Name, we believe that in Retail consumer experience and internal team for corporates is the most vital factor for improving your bottom-line. Accordingly, we provide a comprehensive array of solutions ranging from the survey of your retail outlet or corporate office to suggesting the best positioning and design/visibility options for internal branding.

Based on your inputs and experience, our branding designers will then work on varied attention-grabbing, thought-provoking artworks, and imagery. These will not only promote your brand but also engage the consumers, while eventually boosting the spirit of your internal teams as well.