Brand Name

Brand Name

Well, you'd ask, what's in a name? And we'd say, lots! A brand name is one of the earliest touch-points of a brand or a business. It precedes the logo as well. More often than not, we hear a brand name, and then we check out the brand, its offerings, people behind, its history, et al. So, how can one undermine the value of a brand name? In recent years, we have not just developed some of the most successful brands and businesses; we have also named quite a few. And this journey of coming up with fantastic names for a business started when we named our agency – What's in a Name?! Isn't it cool? Doesn't it ring a bell? Doesn't it stay with you? Is it not a name that has high recall value so you'll never forget it? It is what a good name can do to a brand. So, a name is a lot more than an amalgamation of letters from the alphabet.

A strong brand name is imperative in today's environment of fragmented media and fleeting messages. Names must work harder than ever to break through the clutter on various media channels, and set the brand up for market success.

We, at What's In a Name, have a proven track record as a brand naming agency, developing powerful, memorable, and legally available brand names – names that capture both the brand promise and the hearts and minds of the target customer.

Brand Naming Issues

  • What should the offering be named, and what should the name communicate? Are there unique product or service attributes, market-based metaphors or desired objectives that should underlie the name?
  • How does the name comply with the overall company and brand architecture to improve clarity, synergy and leverage?
  • Does the brand name pass required screens – across strategic fit, auditory appeal, linguistic, legal and website/URL availability?
  • What is the naming and nomenclature system to align product and service offerings, both today and in the future?

Brand Naming Approach

  • Our brand naming consulting process blends art with Science and begins with the development of a brand naming brief to drive the process ahead
  • Our creative team of copywriters, linguists, and brand naming consultant experts then develop a broad array of naming alternatives, using a variety of creative – and research-based techniques
  • The name alternatives are then screened for strategic fit, auditory and linguistic appeal and trademark availability, to create the recommended "shortlist" of names