The 'Watts' in our Name

A one-room apartment, 40,000 bucks borrowed from a friend, a computer we bought on EMI, and a drought-hit bank account, set the plot for us to begin our journey in 2010. All this when we, the co-founders, were just about 22. It was an uphill task to make waves in an already crowded market. But we were not willing to give up. Also, some awesome people that decided to be a part of our family were instrumental in us moving ahead. Our purpose was to positively impact the way brands communicate with their audiences. And this is what we live by even today.

We started as a typical print advertising agency. But we were quick to realize the importance of multi-channel communication needs of a brand. That's how we slowly began the process of diversifying, and added one vertical after the other. It wasn't an overnight transformation. We were clear about adding verticals that we had gained enough knowledge about. That was the only way to help brands make the most of our expertise.

So what makes us your brand partner? Well, we keep re-inventing ourselves to stay relevant, we value the teachings of failure, we don't get complacent, and we love building brands.

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