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Website Design & Development

The importance of having a fantastic website is grossly undermined. It has been time and again factually proven that a good website helps a brand unlock a lot more value than one might imagine. A website is not a product you buy for an X price; it's undoubtedly the most important touch-point you create for your brand. We define a good website that's SEO-friendly, built on a robust platform, along with an easy-to-use User-Interface (UI), leading to an engaging User-Experience (UX). Unfortunately, most people never derive even a meagre 10 per cent value from their websites. A website is as essential as a showroom. Influence potential customers to buy from you, connect with potential employees, and cut down on hiring costs, build an unmatched brand image to generate better profits; these are only some of the many value-generating advantages of having a good website. And we'll help you create one.

Here are some of the types of websites that we build:

  • Brochure-type Static Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • Dynamic CMS Website (Content Management System)
  • Dynamic Website with Forms, Landing Pages, etc.
  • E-commerce Website
  • Word Press Website
  • Shopify Website
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO-friendly) Website

Your Website is the hub of your digital marketing strategy. Everything you do online – social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO and paid search –is more effective when it's centred around a professional website designed to maximise customer conversion.

At What's In a Name, our online marketing specialists take a strategic, customer-focused approach to website design and development, with a focus on engaging and converting customers. So whatever the intended result – improving brand appeal, capturing leads, converting customers, selling a product – our focus is on business impact (vs. a design focused strictly on visual appeal).

Here's how we approach a website design and development project:

  • Our digital marketing process starts with Persona Development and Customer Journey Mapping to understand purchase behaviour and the factors that drive action. From there, we create navigation structure, site architectures and wireframes. These wireframes – black and white schematics of web pages – are used to direct website design and prioritise key elements of the page.
  • Next, we will work with website designers to overlay alternative web "look and feels" on to the Design, which allows for creativity in executing against the brand development brief. We work directly with the Design to refine designs, including multiple rounds of feedback and revisions.
  • Once the designs are approved, our in-house Senior Web Developers develop the site.
  • If the brief required, we also work on creating a Content Management System (CMS) for the Website, which allows for easier modifications to Website, such as changing copy or banners, etc. We can also assist with creating landing pages, developing A/B and multivariate testing, understand which digital asset helps us with optimum results.
  • Finally, we provide seamless integration with your other digital assets, including blogging, social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing applications and others. Our team can either develop these systems on their own, work with your existing providers, or find new vendor partners, as helpful.

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