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Web Analytics

Analytics is factual data that helps us understand whether we are on the right path or not. So, there's no escape. But how well do we understand this data? Unfortunately, most brands don't even have a tool synced to their Website to help them with data. We believe that data that we derive from tools like Google Analytics is so powerful that, at times, it can be used to substantially enhance our Return On Investment (ROI) with some very fundamental changes. We have quite a few such internal and external tools that help our team to work on improving your ROI consistently. We also use various tools to understand the behaviour of the users on the Website; these tools generate heat maps, helping us analyse which part or button of the Website gets more traction. Then we teak the Website based on what works & what doesn't. Also, analytics are not just limited to digital. Today, one can use digital analytics to bridge the gap between online & offline by fishing for data that reveals how our online efforts have resulted in higher walk-ins in a physical store.

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