Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Uploading a basic post on Social Media channels is not Social Media Marketing (SMM). There's so much more to Social Media Marketing. When done effectively, it can help us scale our business to greater heights. But it's not free. One needs to invest time, money, and resources to get the best out of Social Media. Social Media is ever-evolving, but it's highly effective in generating sales, increasing brand awareness, building a brand image, positioning a brand, and engaging with current and new customers. We offer extensive Social Media Marketing Services that go way beyond just putting up average posts every day or two.

Social Media Strategy

Social media goals form the base of your social media strategy, and identifying them is extremely important for a brand's success. As your professional social media strategist, we help you find answers to vital questions such as who you want to reach, which channels work best for you, what kinds of engagement is likely to work in your favour, and how your goals will be measured.

Engagement-Focused Content

Your target audience is more likely to engage with creative content. Standardisation of a brand and its content across various channels with the right positioning & tonality are vital for generating engagement with a brand's audiences.

One of the key things to understand, however, is that engagement may not always necessarily be immediate. In some cases, such content stays with the target audiences and helps in building indirect brand recall as well. We work on creating tailor-made content strategies that sync with your business, the industry and your goals.

Brand Amplification

When your message conveys the core of your brand and communicates it consistently through compelling content, it engages and builds your audience over a period of time. Our brand amplification solution helps you pump that extra boost across various social media channels just when you need it the most. It could be around a store launch, a brand launch, festive season, business season, sale, etc. When the strategy is right, and the content supports the same, brand amplification is inevitable.