Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a lot more than just plainly uploading content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other channels. With some decent budgets, we can help you create a buzz. There are tons of permutations to reach the perfect audience, with optimum budget utilization. What's more? We can help you with great post promotion analytics for every penny spent.

Social Media and Marketing Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are some of the more known interactive Social platforms. These are designed in a way that helps customers connect with theirfavouritebrand directly. As a Social Media Marketing agency, we focus on the following aspects of your brand’s social presence:

  • Understand your brand and it’s social objective
  • Work on a Social Media Strategy accordingly
  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Work on engaging Content & Creatives
  • Post on various social channels
  • Interact with potentialcustomers
  • Help in Reputation Management by sharing grievances
  • Improve Page engagement
  • Gain more Fans / Followers
  • Share Performance Reports

Crucial information about Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The first thing that one needs to understand about social media that it is only a part of a good Marketing Strategy. It cannot help a brand meet its objectives without support from other channels of Marketing.

Most importantly, as per statistics, the organic reach of most Social Media Posts, across various channels, reach only 1 percent of the total fans / followers. Hence, without dedicated budgets to reach out to more people, no Social Media strategy will be effective.

Social Media Marketing is an on-going exercise. We can certainly create strategies depending on various aspects of your business. But the biggest misconception you can have is to be active on Social Media for some time, and then stop all activities, and resume later. This is clearly suicidal for any brand. And it’s better to completely avoid any Social Media activities instead.

Our expertise, however, is in making sure that you get optimum returns on the budgets that you allocate for Social Media Marketing.

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