Media Budgeting & Buying

Media Budgeting & Buying

As most of our clients have been working with us for over seven years, we create annual budget plans for them. These plans include various marketing & related spends over the next 12 months. These plans include but are not limited to Online Ads Spends, Agency Fee Spends, OOH (Billboards) spends, Print Ads, Exhibitions, Sponsorships, Influencer Marketing, etc. We work with various Digital Channels & publications and work the best rates for you. The idea is to create a Single Umbrella Plan for all Yearly Marketing Spends. These plans are not created with just the spends in mind; we also do a lot of back-end research to suggest the best mix of media channels for the given budgets, along with the best channels that are in sync with the brand and its offerings. Once the plan is finalised, we work towards buying the Media as per the plan and offer the best possible rate to you.

We, at What's In a Name, consider a variety of crucial parameters like market competitiveness, current events, buying and purchasing habits, etc., while choosing the right media channels for various businesses like yours. By leveraging valuable insights collected from the media planning data, we negotiate and buy ad space across multiple channels, online & offline, for the success of your brand.

We don't just buy media for you; we also make sure that there is enough data behind the recommendations we make.

Evaluate Objective

We work closely with you to identify the key objectives and goals of the campaigns. Once the objective is clear, we do a market analysis to project costs and determine the right Media for your brand. From researching industry trends to identifying the target audience, we work rigorously towards the success of your brand.

Determining Media Mix

With a plethora of media options available nowadays, businesses need to decide what type of media will be used. Some options include Internet, television, consumer and business publications, interactive media platforms, etc. By deciding the best media mix as per your business objectives, we empower your business with media spend and planning data to assure a significant return on Media bought.

Segmentation & Targeting

Defining a segment of customers based on their unique characteristics is paramount. From demographic segmentation to behavioural segmentation, we holistically assure target market segmentation to increase brand interactions.


It is imperative to determine how to allocate funds cost-effectively on which media to produce profitable outcomes. We work on the key aspects, i.e., which option reaches the maximum potential customers? How often will it reach the audience? What is the budget authorisation of each Media channel?

Media Planning

Evaluating the effectiveness of every media channel, keeping in mind the business objective, is integral for successful negotiations and advantageous placement. We perform in-depth research and careful planning to make relevant media choices and help your business achieve the advertising objectives.

Post Campaign Evaluation (Electronic & Online Media)

The advantage of electronic & online Media is the fact that we can drill down to the last rupee invested. The tools help us analyse all the quantifiable data to create a complete report for every campaign. We review statistics and granular reports to see the performance of the campaign. We provide relevant data to you about how the target audience interacted, evaluate the return on investment, examine correlation, learnings and more.

Reporting & Analysis

After everything implemented successfully, it's time to analyse how successful the media plan was. To ensure this, we create a detailed report to evaluate the results and understand how far we have met the media objectives.