How did we generate 2.3x ROAS (Returns) for a PAN India luxury furniture brand in 90 days?

Brand Information

  • A 25-year old luxury lifestyle brand that delivers Global Quality Products
  • Focus on Luxury, Detailing & Ergonomics of furniture
  • Manufactures exclusive masterpieces with unparalleled craftsmanship

Brand Challenge

  • Generating leads from the entrepreneurs, large & medium scale businesses
  • Generating revenue from the digital marketing campaigns

Brand Objective

  • To emerge as India's home-grown luxury lifestyle brand and dominate the Luxury Market by harnessing 25 years of experience & expertise
  • Generating revenue from digital mediums

Brand Category

Luxury Lifestyle

Marketing Plan

  • Target Audience
  • Channels to use
  • Activities to execute

Target Audience

Primary Target Group

Age Group: 40 - 60 years of age

  • Spouses of high Network Individuals (HNIs), such as Entrepreneurs, Large, Medium, Business Owners
  • Spouses of self employed professional (Doctors, Lawyers)
  • Bureaucrats, Architects,  Politicians & Celebrities

Secondary Target Group

Age Group: 25 - 39 years of age
Occupation: Children/relatives of HNIs, such as Entrepreneurs, Professionals, having a flamboyant social circle with staunch interest in luxury brands and products

Channels & Mediums
  • Social Media Management (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads: Search, Display & Mobile)
  • Online Reputation Management


Step 1: Competitors Analysis
Step 2: Landing Page design
Step 3: Google Tag Manager setup
Step 4: Writing the compelling ad copies
Step 5: Designing the eye catchy designs to attract the audience
Step 6: Launch Campaigns
Step 7: Google Ads Campaigns(Search, Display & Remarketing Ads)
Step 8: Social Media Campaigns(Engagement, Like Ads, Conversion Ads, Traffic Ads, Remarketing Ads, Lookalike Ads & Lead Generations Ads)
Step 9: Optimizing the campaigns
Step 10: Online Reputation Management: Online reviews(Google & Social Media)
Step 11: Showcase


Results in 90 days:
  • Total leads generated: 5249
  • Marketing qualified leads are 92.5% from total leads
  • Total traffic generated: 4,39,370
  • Total Spent From All Mediums: ₹31,93,779
  • Total Revenue From All Mediums: ₹7506000
  • Ad Spend / Revenue = ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) 3193779 / 7506000 = 2.3 X Times


Total leads generated


Return on ad spend (ROAS)


Sales qualified leads


Total traffic generated

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