Our successful campaign to drive admissions for an International School in Warangal

Case Study

Running a school is quite possibly a challenging task. There is a lot of weight that ‘trust’ carries. When a parent looks for a school for their child, they weigh every aspect of the school. One simple flaw about the school, from the looks to the feel, could create a negative impression on the parent. We had an amazing opportunity to work on a campaign for an International School in Warangal called Skill Stork. They are relatively new to the competition but have a good rapport with the community in Warangal. 

This school was established by the SVS group of institutions, a well-known group in the Warangal region. As mentioned in the blog, this establishment is fairly new to the public. This is a challenge we had to overcome before creating the campaign. 

Phase 1: Brand campaigns about the school

Even though the overall campaign ran for 6 months, we had worked on creating a measurable impact on the brand through social media prior to launching the campaign. We have begun their communication by presenting the live pictures and the atmosphere of the school. We have published creative campaigns using their ambience so that the audience gets to know the true colours of the school. 

Phase 2: Communicating all about the school

As we moved closer to the admissions phase, we started communicating all that the school offers to the parents and the students. From the aspects of academics to the facilities that the school provides, phase 2 of the communication built a good bridge between the audience and the brand. 

Phase 3: Paid Ad campaigns to drive admissions

Before creating the campaign, we did a thorough analysis of the challenges. Warangal is different from other cities. So, we had to be thorough in the plans we pitched. We made critical changes to our existing strategies and tailored a custom plan for this brand. The primary target audience for our campaign was parents in the age group of 22 – 45 years. 

As the primary age group was a broader one, we targeted another age group within the primary one. The secondary target audience was parents who are in a better financial position and are looking to shift their kids to a better school. The age group for this set was 35 – 45 year parents. 

Campaigns and their results

Moving forward, we have created a well-thought landing page to drive admissions. We set platforms for our communications- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Ads. Once these platforms are set up, we create campaigns that are children-centric, facility-centric, and so on. These helped the campaign give a solid boost to the audience and generated high-quality leads. After launching the campaigns, we have also managed the school’s reputation by being active on social media and successfully managing its online presence. 

Key Highlights of the campaign:

  • The total span of the campaign
    6 months
  • The total number of admissions recorded
  • Traffic generated

In addition to these numbers, the keywords we used for the campaign ranked first and made their way to the first page of Google search in the Warangal region. 

This campaign will remain one of our success stories. The challenges gave us tons of new experiences, and we are optimistic that they will open new doors for improvement. 

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