What do you need to know about getting quality leads from Google Ads?

quality leads from Google Ads

Are you looking for a way to bring potential customers to your brand? Well, here is where the lead ads play a major role. In this blog, we will give you an insight into google lead ads. And how a quality lead is generated using paid campaigns. Lead ads are compatible both on Google and Facebook. And these two are the most popular lead ad generation mediums. Let’s get to know more about Google ads.

How to get leads from Google ads?

Quality leads are mainly generated by creating a landing page, a proper brand campaign, and by creating ads. To begin with, a Landing page should be created. This is where the customers end up when they search for a product or service. Your landing page plays a vital role in generating leads. Therefore, it has to have relevant information regarding the brand and services. 

The next step is to create a campaign. Google ad campaigns are of two types- Search and display. Search ads mainly work with a combination of headlines and keywords. On the other hand, display ads are a combination of images and text. And sometimes display ads have audio and video formats too. 

How to generate high-quality leads?

Aligning your business with a proper marketing strategy drives potential customers. To successfully make this happen, you must know about the objectives of your business and translate them into a better lead-generating strategy. 

Keywords play a major role in generating high-quality leads. Using relevant keywords, we create ad copies based on the business. Last but not least, the ad should have a ‘good’ quality score. Quality scores give you an idea of how your ad will perform once published. As a thumb rule, your ad copy should have a ‘Good’ quality score. 

Not getting leads from Google ads?

The most common problems of less-performing ads are low budget, quality score, and below-average landing page performance. With a low budget, you can’t invest in popular keywords. And this results in low lead generation. Therefore, it is good to invest in keywords with good search volume to get potential leads. Keywords also increase brand visibility. 

Next is the quality score. A quality score gives an overview of your ads and landing page. It means whether both the ad and landing page are useful to the customer or not. So in order to improve your quality score, you need to fine-tune your ads and landing page as well.

In real life, quality plays a major role. Similarly, when it comes to google ads, quality has a major role in serving your business. Before beginning the whole strategy, you need to have an understanding of the consumer purchase journey. And it is always better to get an expert on board to take your business with lead generation. We, at WIN creatives, have successfully started and handled many campaigns and drove more than desired quality leads for many brands. If you want to see our successful campaigns, please visit our Case Studies page. If you want to begin the success journey of your business, contact us right away

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