LinkedIn launches internal mobility tools

Linkedin Internal Mobility Tools

Internal mobility is the movement of employees both vertically and laterally within the company hierarchy for new career roles. Companies usually do this to retain good talent within the organisation. But this has now gone innovative.

Linkedin, a professional networking company has included internal mobility tools to its list of recruitment solutions. It’s quite famous for professional networking and recruitment activities. From our observations, many candidates have good prospects of finding their dream roles on the platform. 

The platform helps candidates through direct postings by companies or through referrals by network members. Statistics tell us that at least six people get hired every minute on Linkedin. The potential employer can see the applying candidate’s complete profile including references, network, certifications, etc., apart from the resume attached.

The new addition of internal mobility tools is a shot in the arm for employers. It helps them easily identify existing employees for promotion to open roles within the company. Also, it helps companies identify the most suitable employee easily without wasting time and money and maybe even avoid unnecessary interviews. 

LinkedIn’s workplace report says that 85 % of hiring managers believe that retaining top talent requires prioritising existing employees for new career roles within the company itself. However, only 1 in 5 employees have the confidence to do so. 

LinkedIn launches Next Role Explorer as part of its internal mobility tools

Next Role Explorer is a dynamic career path visualisation that recommends employees’ potential next roles inside their current organisation based on their current role and career goals. Also, it guides the employees’ learning journeys to help them achieve their career goals and points them towards customisable role guides to help them understand the specific skill set required to succeed in the role. Here, employees get personalised or customised learning plans to help them close their critical skill gaps and move ahead. 

These internal mobility tools help companies align skill development to their requirements. Linkedin has a repository of 41,000+ skills which have been added by around 1 billion members on the platform. Thus, employees can receive alerts about new job postings within their company and express interest in it. 

Features of Next Role Explorer, the internal mobility tool from Linkedin

Guide candidates: It helps employees discover their next role within the company by analysing their current title and career goals. Additionally, role guides offer elaborate role descriptions, content recommendations and day-in-the-life videos. 

Develop skills: The learning plan focuses on the content that would help close the skill gap. Also, AI-powered coaching helps with personalised and conversational guidance.

Connect with recruiters: Employees can explore the open roles available in their companies and express interest based on matching skills and goals.

Measurable metrics: New metrics and exportable data gives you access to role guide views, certifications and internal jobs viewed.

We understand that Linkedin intends to address employee retention issues in companies through the launch of internal mobility tools. This innovative measure is sure to have an impact on companies in the long run. 

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