Everything you need to know about Google Analytics GA4


GA4 is the new avatar of Google Analytics. It is a new kind of property designed for the future of measurement. Known also as universal analytics, Google Analytics is used to track user behaviour and data on websites across the internet. This includes the user’s demography: geography, shopping habits and more. 

It helps organisations make marketing decisions, whether commercial or non-commercial. Hence, through SEO optimisation, ad budgeting, niche targeting, etc., based on data collected from Google Analytics, organisations can set up effective campaigns.

GA4 replaces Google Analytics and arms you with extra teeth. It integrates with your organisation’s mobile app apart from your website. Thus, you get access to your organisation’s mobile app traffic, too. 

GA4 analyses event-based data from both websites and mobile apps in place of the session-based data picked up by the older system.

Benefits of Google Analytics GA4

GA4 offers you the following benefits

  1. It collects your website and app data for a deeper understanding of your customer journey.
  2. It measures event-based data instead of session-based data.
  3. Its predictive capabilities offer guidance without any complex models.
  4. It includes privacy controls such as cookieless measurements, behavioural modelling and conversion modelling.  
  5. Its direct integration into media platforms helps drive actions on your website or apps.
Differences between Google Analytics and GA4

Here are the main differences

  1. New Dashboard: GA4 has an entirely new streamlined dashboard with many old reports gone or moved elsewhere. Also, it includes Google’s predictive insights based on AI.
  2. Event-based measurements: You now get access to in-depth reports, with access still available for session-based reporting. The new engagement metrics include
  • Engaged sessions
  • Engagement rate 
  • Engagement time

All this makes it easier to track your customer journey.

  1. Predictive analytics: This helps your retargeting campaigns based on AI predictions. The metrics taken into account include –
  • Purchase Probability
  • Churn Probability
  • Revenue Prediction 

This data can be effective in targeting your probable customers using Google Ads campaigns. 

  1. Cross-platform tracking: This allows you to track your customer’s full buying journey by tracking your website and app traffic in one property. This includes acquisition, engagement, monetisation and retention. 

During this journey, you’ll be able to understand the user experience across your website and app. This is done through unique user IDs assigned during each website or app login.

  1. Enhanced marketing control: The GA4 dashboard is highly customisable, hence giving you access to reports that matter most. In conjunction with Google Data Studio, you can create visualisations of the data collected. It’s possible to create custom segments based on trigger events for accurate tracking of customer interactions.

Your Google Ads benefit the most as you’re now empowered to target your audience more accurately. You can plan your budget and optimise your Ads for the best outcomes now that you have more accurate data. GA4 is the best thing that can happen to you in this era of digital marketing. 

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