Emerging AI-Centric Roles in Marketing

AI-Centric Roles in Marketing

AI and marketing share a strong bond in the digital era. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. The internet brought about a revolution in the field of marketing using websites and social media. So, a business could now travel far places on the internet to find new customers and target a very niche segment.  In this article find about how AI-Centric Roles in Marketing are emerging.

Marketing to a further audience became easier. But AI went a step ahead in simplifying tasks in digital marketing along with ML or Machine Learning.

Mundane tasks such as keyword search, SEO optimisation, ad optimisation, etc., can now be automated with the help of AI. The application of AI in marketing is increasing day by day, with social media platforms and websites integrating AI into their systems. 

Also, AI integrates with search engine advertising, email advertising, social media marketing and more to drive businesses. With online businesses becoming popular, AI will find many more applications. 

Some of the popular AI tools in use in marketing include ChatGPT, Jasper and OpenAI. 

AI-Centric roles in marketing content creation

AI helps in easing content creation. AI-driven content generation helps your business generate content that is relevant and engaging to your audience. Hence, they can quickly generate ideas for campaigns, create blog articles, email newsletters and even generate videos. 

Also, they can help you build personalised newsletters and campaigns for your customers. Tailoring content to your customer’s taste increases your brand engagement and conversions. Therefore, AI tools can help you generate huge volumes of content quickly and cost-effectively.

Key Statistics for AI-centric roles in marketing
  • 83 % of businesses are considering using AI in their marketing strategies
  • 26 % of B2B businesses use AI chatbots
  • 55 % of B2B businesses use chatbots to increase and create new leads

Also, many businesses find AI chatbots very useful in educating their customers or potential clients about their products or services.

How can businesses integrate AI with their marketing efforts?
  1. Smarter & faster decisions: Your business will not have to wait for the campaign to end to make a marketing decision. So, AI-based data-driven analytics help you make smart moves.
  2. Sales forecasting: AI can predict the next product your customer will buy or what products to promote to a niche audience.
  3. Predictive marketing analytics: AI helps your business understand what your customers are thinking and feeling based on real-time data.
  4. Ad optimisation: AI helps you get the maximum ROI on cost-effective touchpoints and even produce top-quality ads.
  5. Personalised customer experience: AI can tailor content to your niche audience needs or even that of individual customers. Hence, customers feel cared for.  
  6. Finding trends or patterns: As AI processes data at high speeds and accuracy, it can pick up insights about customers, new trends, and habits more easily.

AI helps maintain data quality and security, too. Numerous businesses have been using AI to power their marketing efforts with visible and massive success. Some include Nike, Sephora, Netflix, Coca Cola and more. 

Hence, responsible usage of AI finds great applications in marketing. 

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