Why Harnessing Micro-Influencers is Crucial for Brands

micro influencers

Influencers have a prominent role in modern-day marketing, especially digital marketing. They give your business a higher ROI with the ability to connect to a large audience through their social media following. YouTube and Instagram influencers form the backbone of influencer marketing primarily. 

As per Hubspot’s Marketing Industry Trends Report, it’s the most popular and effective trend in generating authentic content for your business, establishing social proof and building awareness.

With their popularity, they can build an element of trust for your brand over any other direct marketing efforts. However, among influencers, a smaller category known as micro-influencers can be more powerful in promoting your brand. This is due to their smaller following of around 10,000 to 1,00,000. 

But this audience is a very dedicated lot that shows great interest in the micro influencer’s content. Thus, they work hard and create high-quality content for your brand. Hence, they can devote quality time to your brand and help increase your target audience.

After all, your brand will have its niche audience whom you must target. So, it’s this group that’ll lead to successful lead conversions through stronger and higher engagements. 

Small but powerful:

A recent report by AnyTag states that micro influencers have the top brand deals in India. An example is the recent campaign by Pepsico India, where they engaged 3000 micro-influencers to create a buzz around their new product – Lay’s Wafer style, its thinnest chips. This is in addition to Pepsico signing up the Bollywood celebrity Alia Bhatt.

Thus, micro influencers can engage effectively with their small following more directly through social media comments and DMs.


Micro influencers can give you a genuine review of a product. This is due to their expertise in a niche field. Hence, the trust factor remains high as your potential customer shares a similar interest with the micro-influencer.

It is one of the best strategies for entering a new vertical or launching a new brand. Also, it brings in more conversions due to the trust that followers place in the influencer.

  1. Credibility: Their genuineness makes your customers feel at ease when making a purchase decision. Hence, they come across as being very authentic.
  2. Affordability: This is a plus point, as you can work with multiple micro-influencers for the price of one macro-influencer.
  3. Naturality: They can produce organic content for your brand, which helps foster a deeper relationship with your potential customers.
  4. Engagement: Micro-influencers can engage personally with their followers, which helps in enhancing your brand awareness.

Micro-influencers are affordable in comparison to macro-influencers, who charge a hefty sum for a single social media post. They are light on your wallet while giving your brand good engagement. The authenticity of content made by the micro-influencer is a plus point. 

Therefore, niche targeting, active engagement, high-trust messaging and affordability by micro-influencers give your brand a powerful alternative to traditional advertising. Your brand can develop a family-like bond with your customers based on trust and reliability.

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