Advertising Agencies: Ever wondered how the best do it?

Ever wondered what the first Indian advertisement looked like? When Englishman James Augustus Hickey started making losses on his newspaper (India’s first) business in 1780, he resorted to advertising . The newspaper didn’t survive for long. But India was gifted a terrific new medium of communication. The first Indian ads mainly revolved around simple & direct messages. And featured a mailing address. Times have drastically changed since then.

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One of the initial print ads released in India.

History of advertising or advertising of history?

Rival Brand Siblings

The advertising community has grown manifold over the centuries. It has been adapting to the changing tides of an always volatile market. One could argue that in a country that houses more than a billion with contrasting preferences, most products would sell anyway. That would probably be true if the number companies catering to the needs of these people were very few. But, with thousands of companies providing similar products, visibility become critical. And this is exactly where modern advertisement comes to rescue.

Male Underwear Matters

The top advertising agencies in India recognise that brand visibility is of utmost importance. But the challenge doesn’t end there. If a men’s underwear brand ends up being more visible to women, the objective is already defeated. This is where consumer insight comes in play. Identifying a brand’s target audience is the first of many steps taken by research teams. Specially in top advertising agencies in India. They also identify many other factors before a creative strategy is initiated.

Look Back or Fall Back

Once ad campaigns are executed, the response of the audience is what matters. Top advertising agencies in India believe in post release analysis. This feedback becomes crucial while planning the next steps. Moving further without solid feedback will prove to be a blunder. The dynamics of the market are very fickle. A campaign that proves immensely successful for a brand in the current market scenario may not have the same effect later or elsewhere.

While only an outline of the working of top advertising agencies in India has been discussed here, there is more to it. The details of these vary from agency to agency. Bill Bernach once famously said, “In advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal”. Irrespective of the creative avenues explored by different agencies, one thing stands true. They define the way people perceive brands.

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