What is the next big thing in digital marketing?

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Digital Marketing is a term we have heard for years. Marketing has always been vital to businesses, whether small or big. Digital Marketing took things to a whole new level with access to a wider market locally, nationally and internationally. It is even popular as a career, with many people shifting from other domains, including engineering.

The developments in digital marketing have been so rapid that there are new methods and tools coming up to aid businesses. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) have also entered the market to aid digital marketers. In this scenario, it is important that we take a look at the next big thing in digital marketing.

Top five digital marketing trends –

  1. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality: AR or VR, as known popularly, is the ability to test a product or service in a safe environment before buying the product or service. In Augmented Reality, you can check out if a particular product will work for you or not using an app developed for the purpose. Whereas, in Virtual Reality, you have to use a VR headset to get a live demo or training of a product/service.
  2. Influencer Marketing: It is very much in demand by businesses today. Getting a celebrity to endorse your product/service ensures good returns by leveraging their social media presence. Professionals can be hired for this purpose too.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: AI, as known popularly, deploys chatbots to run digital marketing campaigns. They have immense potential to create very good returns on your investment. A good number of digital marketers say that AI makes them more productive at their jobs. Companies spend more than $5 Billion Dollars annually on AI-based marketing.
  4. User-Generated Content: It is the best way to show your potential customer the trust people have in your product. This is by requesting genuine reviews from your customers directly at the place of purchase or leaving one on platforms such as Google Reviews, Facebook reviews and more. Feedback forms are sent to the customer’s phone or email after making a purchase. Genuine reviews directly affect your business.
  5. App Ads: Ads delivered to your app have a huge potential to create revenue. Billions of dollars worth of ads are served on apps, including your chat messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., annually.

The Way Forward

Every business tries to focus on one primary method that best serves its interests. The digital transformation happening around the world is sometimes immeasurable. It empowers existing businesses to innovate while encouraging new startups to flourish.

Ensure ethical practices to ensure healthy competition among businesses and quality products/services for the end customer.

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