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History defines a client and an advertising agency’s relationship nothing short of a marriage. An arranged one at that. So, there’s absolutely no question of courtship. Then how do some of the top advertising agencies Hyderabad wed clients?

How do some of the Top Advertising Agencies Hyderabad wed clients?

Well, a couple of elders in the family (read senior managers of a brand) assume that they know what’s best for the bride & groom. And decide for them. Like every other marriage, this one’s also about love-hate and some debate. It’s a marriage where the client doesn’t want to compromise; all he wants to do is increase the logo size. A marriage where the agency doesn’t want to compromise either, all it wants is a small little breather.

Well, all this is pre-marriage drama. But there’s a lot that happens post marriage too. In fact, that’s where the meat is. It’s where you’ll come across some unusually usual phases:

Honey (See the) moon:

This is the most cherished phase of a marriage. The idea here is to spend some quality time with each other. It’s for the first time when a couple looks forward to exploring a romantic locale. True to the saying, “If you really want to know a person, travel with them”. And these first few days do what they’re supposed to – rip both parties off their veils. Then it all boils down to vests and a couple of briefs; one that the agency wears, and the other that the client shares. The good thing is that at least the brief stays till the end. Though it’s never close to what the client desires. The reason? Simple. You need to know where you’re heading before you expect someone else to reach there. And most of the times these top advertising agencies Hyderabad are left in the dark.

In the court of (in)-law:

A marriage gives immense happiness to many. But it leaves the sisters-in-law (read mid-level management) jealous. These are those typical soap opera characters that are always occupied doing nothing. All they do is pit the elders (senior management) against the bride. Perhaps, they are jealous because they don’t find the right match for themselves. But how would they? A right match cannot be made with leftover like them. Isn’t it?

Sweet in-DIE-gestion:

It’s no different from a situation when a wife asks her husband, if she’s gone fat. Now, imagine this question teamed with a warning to give an honest answer. This is where some of the top advertising agencies Hyderabad land up. Clients are no different from a fat wife. Just that they have way more fancies about themselves. Well, both these scenarios are pretty similar. And the poor husband knows that he has two options – lie or die! Now you know what keeps most marriages intact?

Love triangle or mad angle:

The most unique angle a marriage can have is a triangle. And this is something that seeps into an agency and a client’s marriage too. It’s when another agency pitches to the client, offering some special benefits. Or when a client decides to look outside the marriage (read extramarital affair). But the reason for this infidelity is not dissatisfaction; it’s more to do with greed! It’s a phase when both parties play the blame game, and look for thorns even in a bouquet. This is, undoubtedly, the phase with a lot of drama.

Subject to market risks / kids:

What happens when you hear that your wife is pregnant, and you guys were not even planning for a kid? That kind of a shock is the state of normal affairs in an advertising agency. To save some bucks, clients do not use protection while making love to their bank balance. Leaving some of the top advertising agencies Hyderabad uninformed, they have unplanned babies (read advertising space). Then, they don’t just expect the agency to handle the mother (their brand), from pregnancy to delivery; they expect it to handle these babies too.

Well, when top advertising agencies Hyderabad wed clients, it’s beyond a power-packed reality show. It’s got all the ingredients of a game plan filled with arguments, gossips, backbiting, tears, aggression and more. In fact, if a show is ever created on this subject, every episode will be a big hit. But despite all these dimensions to this marriage, there are some couples that manage to live together forever – happily or not? Let’s keep that for another day.

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