Brand Video, Hotel Formule1, Hyderabad Launch

Most of us love travelling, be it business or pleasure. The idea behind visiting a new city and staying in the comforts of a Hotel room brings nothing but great ease to both our mind and body. The primary role played in our travel is that of the hotels we reside in. You cannot deny how rest assured you feel seeing a bed neatly laid out only for you, clean bathrooms, and other services assuring you of a comfortable stay.


Hotel  Formule1 corrects the “Chalta Hai” attitude and aims to end the age old notion by delivering what they believe is every customer’s right. Provisions such as free high speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 safety and security, sound proof rooms, comfortable beds and access controlled rooms and floors.

The #ChaltaHaiNoMore campaign is driven by the traditional “devil may care” nonchalant attitude that most of us carry around. Hotel Formule1 calls to break free from the habit by replying back to the “Chalta Hai” attitude with… #ChaltaHaiNoMore.

The video now live on YouTube highlights this element effectively. The idea behind the campaign is to put across a message that the “Chalta Hai” attitude needs to be discouraged. Hotel Formule1 stands up to this cause, by facilitating provisions and amenities that promise a pleasant and rest assured stay at its hotel.

It’s time to stand up and say #ChaltaHaiNoMore.

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