Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing in 2024.

digital marketing in 2024

Marketing is indispensable to businesses irrespective of the method adopted. It can be done directly or indirectly. Direct marketing includes door-to-door marketing, promotional flyers, SMS, phone calls, etc. Meanwhile, indirect marketing includes word of mouth by a customer, blogging, workshops, social media marketing, and other methods. Digital Marketing in 2024 has undergone significant transformations compared to previous years, yet traditional marketing remains indispensable.

Traditional marketing uses mediums such as newspapers, TV, radio, hoardings, billboards, direct sales, etc., to target customers. This is a mass marketing method where the public comes to know about the products/services offered by the company. Though there is a shift towards digital platforms in terms of purchase decisions, the traditional marketing method holds the trust of many.

Also, its impact on building brand awareness cannot be overlooked. For example, the public can’t avoid missing a hoarding in most cases.

Digital marketing uses the internet to deliver targeted content to a niche audience. It’s less expensive as the results are measurable, and so the campaign alteration can be done in real-time without any extra cost and still produce good results. 

You can utilise the full power of the Google Ads network and the social media ad network such as Facebook, Instagram and others.

What is Traditional Marketing?

  • Print media: Newspapers, magazines, journals, flyers and others give ad space from which both parties benefit.
  • Television: TV commercials include short ad breaks, jingles, etc. They catch the attention of every TV viewer.
  • Radio: Radio commercials have always been popular and still continue to be. The rural regions benefit from AM stations largely, while FM serves most urban customers.
  • Telephone: Also known as cold calling in most cases, it markets products or services to the potential consumer via direct phone calls and uses offers, benefits, and even emotional bonding to influence the consumer’s purchase decision. 
  • Direct mail: Businesses may send postcards, brochures, flyers, and catalogues to consumers advertising their products. 
  • Outdoor marketing: Billboards, road medians, huge hoardings and standees come in this category.

What is Digital Marketing?

  • Social Media Marketing: Uses platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram and others to market products/services in the form of text, creatives or videos.
  • Content Marketing: Building brand awareness, generating leads and boosting traffic through blogs, articles, social media and websites.
  • SEO: Optimising your website to boost traffic and increase website rankings.
  • Email Marketing: Tell customers about new offers, products, etc., via email and direct them to the business website.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Also known as influencer marketing, your business can tie up with a celebrity to promote your brand and services.
  • Search Engine Marketing: It is a digital marketing strategy that involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising placements.

Other methods include online PR, native advertising, inbound marketing. 

Therefore, both marketing methods have their advantages and disadvantages. But digital marketing in 2024, holds an edge in reaching a wider audience and getting good results. After all, you can measure and analyse each and every stage of this process and plug loopholes. 

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