Search Engine Marketing

As Google Partners, we believe that SEM is the most effective way to reach out to your potential customers.With a dash of e-mail marketing, and SEO, this can yield amazing results. In a fast-paced world, it's important to connect with your customers across different channels & platforms.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Google AdWords, by many measures, is the most popular paid search platform used by DigitalMarketing Agencies. Google AdWords comprises Text Ads, Banner Ads, Click-to-call Ads, Rich-media Ads & Re-marketing Ads. The ads can be targeted across geographical locations, interests, website categories, and more.

It includes two broad categories of ads that include Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM).

Apart from Google AdWords there are a quite a few other secondary Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms on various social networks as well.

So what do we do under SEM?

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Search Volumes Generation
  • Understanding Your Business Objectives
  • Strategizing
  • Implementation of Various Ad Sets
  • A/B Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Reviewing Analytics
  • Understanding User Behaviour
  • Implementing Changes
  • Following Best Practices
  • Sharing Performance & Lead Generation Reports

We believe that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a combination of creativity, influence, strategy & expertise. It is an amalgamation of Designing Striking Ad Banners, writing influential Ad Copy, Working on a robust strategy, expert implementation along with monitoring, and being change-ready.

Well, there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes. Different departments work together to achieve one common goal for your brand. And our understanding of brands always works as an added advantage over any other stand-alone Digital Marketing Agency. That’s because Digital Marketing is one of the many things that we do to build a brand.

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