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Get The Best Out Of Your Branding Partner

When we start or run a business, we get so involved in so many areas that we tend to take the most crucial aspect for granted – Branding (Advertising). Whether it’s a product or a service, the role of branding is way beyond what people normally perceive. For instance, a great product that’s not promoted will soon become extinct. The flip side however, is that a bad product that’s heavily promoted will vanish even faster! That reveals the importance of a brand, its promotion strategy and the branding partner. Though it’s an art to get the best out of your Branding Partner, it certainly lies in your hands. Follow these 5 quick tips for an optimum output:

Get The Best Out Of Your Branding Partner

Involve… don’t interfere:

When you hire some one to do a job, you need to have faith in them. If you don’t, your own skills of bringing them on board shall be questioned. To get the best out of your branding partner, It’s very important to work in sync with them. However, some times, we tend to forget that they know their job better. There is a very thin line between involvement and interference. And crossing that line would have implications on your brand. Remember, at the end of the day, your biggest asset is the brand; YOUR brand!

Promote one thing at a time:

It’s a known fact that your audience’s attention is short-lived. They are exposed to hundreds of ads every single day. It is not humanly possible for every creative communication to be out-of-the-box. But it is certainly possible to get your share of attention from every communication. All you need to do is prioritise one key message or information you wish to share with your audience. It’s time to de-clutter and focus on what you really need to say. Discuss this with your Branding Partner and they’d love to help you out with this.

Ego at bay, brand in sight:

Ego is a sign of weakness. And building a brand is not for the weak-hearted. Only when your ego is at bay, your brand will be in focus. Discuss, share, explore… but don’t exploit. A Branding Company comprises creative and sensitive people, who are excited about the work they do. It is this excitement that keeps them going. They like to add value to your brand. Working with them as a team adds to their excitement, and it can take your business ahead; beyond what you can imagine.

Feedback & Appreciation go hand-in-hand:

If you like something your Branding Company has done, it always pays to be vocal about it. It’s a know fact that creative people value honest appreciation more than anything else, even money at times. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the importance of feedback; constructive feedback. Picture this – if something goes wrong, don’t you make a huge fuss over it? But what makes you think a zillion times before you share a few words of appreciation when something goes great? It’s a myth that appreciation makes people complacent. In fact, it’s a proven way to get the best out of your branding partner.

Money can be a big spoiler:

Finally, we come to the last but not the least tip. Your Branding Partners are service providers, and they provide a very important service. Not clearing their dues on time doesn’t give a good picture of your brand to them. It’s a sure shot way of making sure that you don’t get the best out of your branding partner. Most importantly, what occupies maximum space in their head is the money you owe them. At the end of the day, every business needs money. And your Branding Partners are no different. By paying them on time, you’re actually helping your own brand. This way they’ll invest more time in developing your brand instead of following up with you for what you owe them.

Ready to get the best out of your branding partner?

These simple tips will take your business and association a long way. Every business needs great associations that would help them survive and make a difference. So, it’s not that very difficult to get the best out of your branding partner. Remember that nothing is built overnight. So, be patient and work closely with your Branding Partner, and get set to give your brand the edge it deserves.

Best Advertising Agency In Hyderabad – What Could Be Their Milestone?

Milestone is synonymous to words like business, organizations and entrepreneurs. It is what liter is to liquid – a measure. It is like any degree or credential that you’d have; more of a brand value of an organization and an individual both. We all know the dictionary meaning of the word “milestone”. In fact, this word is overtly used in a zillion places (read presentations, annual meetings, client reviews, appraisals, etc.). We hear this word so often that it almost puts us to sleep. But have you ever wondered on what could be the milestone of the Best Advertising Agency in Hyderabad?

Best Advertising Agency

The Best Advertising Agency In Hyderabad:

Celebrating milestones is certainly of the best things an organization and a leader can do. It peps-up the environment, boosts the productivity of its people and helps the organization climb up the ladder. But in this quantitative world, where every conversation has to lead to a visible gain, every meeting has to lead to a materialistic conclusion, every penny has to lead to a negotiation, we tend to place our milestones with an approach that is too narrow, and sometimes hollow; we place them where the results are. The bests don’t do that. Specially, the Best Advertising Agency in Hyderabad would never!

An organization is never about a single person. As much as you call yourself the leader who’s done it all, it is always about a set of people. Despite the fact that you’ve been responsible to bring these people on-board. Entrepreneurs tend to get way too aggressive while placing their milestones. At times, they are so aggressive that they tend to ignore any other person who’s associated with this milestone. The situation then looks something like this – A leader who’s seeing a milestone clearly, has conveyed it to his team as clearly, is moving at a fast pace towards it and is also pushing his team with the same force. His team, however, just pretends to be moving with as much zeal. And what comes next is a reality check. After a half yearly review, the leader along with his team is nowhere closer to the milestone!

Well, the reason was that the team was never in the consensus with the leader. They felt that the milestone he set was too unrealistic. It’s good to be crazy. But to be the best, you’ll need to be a little realistic too. Unfortunately, in this case the Best Advertising Agency was not.

Now, you may argue that you’ll never be able to set a milestone that would be accepted by every single person of your core team. This is possibly a realistic and a common scenario too. But have you ever heard of the word majority?

Exactly! When the majority of your core team decides to agree with your milestone(s), the probability of you, as a company, achieving it is way higher.

At least, this way you know that more than 50% of your team is with you. In fact, you can get them to set the milestones for themselves. This way they’d be taking more ownership of reaching these milestones too.

This is an unorthodox way of placing milestones. The only difference is the fact that the probability of achieving these milestones is a bit higher. The flip side however, is that your core team might not necessarily be as aggressive as you are. Hence, it might work out milestones that are less aggressive. But they’d certainly be more achievable. Here, the choice is yours; you can either set milestones that look great on paper but might not necessarily sound realistic and achievable to your team, or you can let your core team set simpler but highly achievable milestones.

In our day-to-day rush to meet business challenges and work towards innovation, we tend to forget that milestones can be placed differently.

In business terms a milestone is perceived as a destination. Very few leaders feel it’s a journey. But one of the most effective placements of a milestone is somewhere in between.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy of placing a milestone, an Art Director of the Best Advertising Agency, invited a few creative writers. These writers were divided into two teams – Team A and Team B. Both teams were given a brief to work on a launch campaign for one of its clients. This was the launch of a new energy drink – Octane. The client wanted to position their drink in the premium segment. They were well aware of the existing market leader in this segment. Due to smaller marketing budgets, they wanted something that was not just a strong launch campaign, but would also help them place their product in the premium segment. The writers wore their thinking caps, and began to pen down some interesting ideas. After a long brainstorming session, both teams realized that they had to create an aspirational value for the brand. They also decided to focus on their target audience who’d in-turn become brand loyalists. The teams then started working independently.

One of the creative communication ideas by Team A was to create an in-the-face ad concept to take the market leader head-on. The headline for this concept was “Wings are for birds. Real men fly with Octane!”

Team B, on the other hand, worked on a concept that was subtle but equally strong. The headline for their concept was “Octane – Packed with NEWclear Energy.“

Both the concepts were shared with the client. But the Creative Director of the advertising agency chose to reward one of the teams (Team A), the moment the concept was shared with him. However, he was not too convinced about the concept that Team B shared. He knew it was great too but he decided to wait until he heard from the client.

After a few days, the client got back saying that they liked the concept by Team B better. In fact, they shared a very valid reason for the same. They felt that though the first concept was strong, it clearly divided their audience and boiled their product down to an only-for-men product.

The Creative Director then realized that he had misjudged the client and the idea that was shared by Team B. He, later, decided to call Team B and reward them too. By now, both the teams were rewarded. The only difference was the timing. Though, the concept shared by Team B was finally approved by the client and they were rewarded by the Creative Director, they didn’t really like two things about him – he rewarded them only after the client approved their concept and the fact that he rewarded Team A way before he heard from the client. There was clear discrimination and he came across as biased. However, what didn’t really work for him was the timing. Not something that should have happened  at the Best Advertising Agency in Hyderabad.

The idea of placing milestones differently is more about understanding the fact that a milestone is not a destination, it’s not even a journey; it’s in between! Well, in business terms, the journey in this case was the process that involved the teams working on ideas. And the destination was the client approving these ideas. But only if we choose to place our milestone, when we are closer to the destination and when we have put in all our efforts, it would work wonders for an organization and it’s people. We can choose to, without discrimination, reward our people and celebrate the mere fact that the best efforts were put in. This should be unbiased and irrespective of the final outcome (client’s approval in this case). This might not necessarily guarantee the project to you. But this will certainly let your people know that you value their efforts purely as they are; without being biased or influenced by any external factors.

The milestone should be placed where you end up putting all your efforts – just before the destination is reached. That’s the hallmark of the Best Advertising Agency in Hyderabad.

Top Advertising Agencies Hyderabad Wed Clients

History defines a client and an advertising agency’s relationship nothing short of a marriage. An arranged one at that. So, there’s absolutely no question of courtship. Then how do some of the top advertising agencies Hyderabad wed clients?

How do some of the Top Advertising Agencies Hyderabad wed clients?

Well, a couple of elders in the family (read senior managers of a brand) assume that they know what’s best for the bride & groom. And decide for them. Like every other marriage, this one’s also about love-hate and some debate. It’s a marriage where the client doesn’t want to compromise; all he wants to do is increase the logo size. A marriage where the agency doesn’t want to compromise either, all it wants is a small little breather.

Well, all this is pre-marriage drama. But there’s a lot that happens post marriage too. In fact, that’s where the meat is. It’s where you’ll come across some unusually usual phases:


Honey (See the) moon:

This is the most cherished phase of a marriage. The idea here is to spend some quality time with each other. It’s for the first time when a couple looks forward to exploring a romantic locale. True to the saying, “If you really want to know a person, travel with them”. And these first few days do what they’re supposed to – rip both parties off their veils. Then it all boils down to vests and a couple of briefs; one that the agency wears, and the other that the client shares. The good thing is that at least the brief stays till the end. Though it’s never close to what the client desires. The reason? Simple. You need to know where you’re heading before you expect someone else to reach there. And most of the times these top advertising agencies Hyderabad are left in the dark.

In the court of (in)-law:

A marriage gives immense happiness to many. But it leaves the sisters-in-law (read mid-level management) jealous. These are those typical soap opera characters that are always occupied doing nothing. All they do is pit the elders (senior management) against the bride. Perhaps, they are jealous because they don’t find the right match for themselves. But how would they? A right match cannot be made with leftover like them. Isn’t it?

Sweet in-DIE-gestion:

It’s no different from a situation when a wife asks her husband, if she’s gone fat. Now, imagine this question teamed with a warning to give an honest answer. This is where some of the top advertising agencies Hyderabad land up. Clients are no different from a fat wife. Just that they have way more fancies about themselves. Well, both these scenarios are pretty similar. And the poor husband knows that he has two options – lie or die! Now you know what keeps most marriages intact?

Love triangle or mad angle:

The most unique angle a marriage can have is a triangle. And this is something that seeps into an agency and a client’s marriage too. It’s when another agency pitches to the client, offering some special benefits. Or when a client decides to look outside the marriage (read extramarital affair). But the reason for this infidelity is not dissatisfaction; it’s more to do with greed! It’s a phase when both parties play the blame game, and look for thorns even in a bouquet. This is, undoubtedly, the phase with a lot of drama.

Subject to market risks / kids:

What happens when you hear that your wife is pregnant, and you guys were not even planning for a kid? That kind of a shock is the state of normal affairs in an advertising agency. To save some bucks, clients do not use protection while making love to their bank balance. Leaving some of the top advertising agencies Hyderabad uninformed, they have unplanned babies (read advertising space). Then, they don’t just expect the agency to handle the mother (their brand), from pregnancy to delivery; they expect it to handle these babies too.

Well, when top advertising agencies Hyderabad wed clients, it’s beyond a power-packed reality show. It’s got all the ingredients of a game plan filled with arguments, gossips, backbiting, tears, aggression and more. In fact, if a show is ever created on this subject, every episode will be a big hit. But despite all these dimensions to this marriage, there are some couples that manage to live together forever – happily or not? Let’s keep that for another day.

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